About Me

Hey! Welcome!

I’m currently a junior in college in California.  I hail from the East Coast, so California’s very different, but I love them both!

I spent my sophomore year abroad in London, England.  It was an AMAZING year, and it really cemented a love of travel in me.

Right now I’m just looking to graduate and trying to enjoy myself as much as possible.  I’m kind of a reformed type-A. I spent high school working really really hard, and in the end I couldn’t afford to go to my dream school, and I felt like I wasted high school.  Now I’m trying to find more of a balance. I think it’s really important to relax and enjoy yourself, not taking things too seriously.

I’ll add more later, but that’s the gist of where I am right now.

Please comment and chat with me if you feel so inclined:) I love discussing travel, food, TV, music, trashy celebrity gossip, and anything, funny, cute, or happy.


The Ginger



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