Hello world!


This is my very first post.  I kept the default WordPress title because I didn’t feel like coming up with a better one and also because it reminds me of the Saddle Club theme song. And now it’s in my head.

And now it’s in your head? You’re welcome!

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a blog for a while now. I have quite a few that I enjoy following, and I certainly am not in short supply of things to say.  I was originally planning to do a food blog, but then I discovered I don’t want to photograph every meal I have, and they’re quite repetitive anyways.  I couldn’t really decide on what to focus my blog on, so I don’t think it’ll have one specific focus.  I intend to just write about what I feel like.  Mainly, I’ll focus on writing about things I like as well as my experiences trying to carpe diem.

A snapshot of what I like:

  • Animals
  • Travel
  • Good food, especially if it involves chocolate, sugar, or peanut butter (preferably all 3)
  • Music, TV, and Movies
  • Gymnastics
  • Harry Potter
  • Anything Tiffany blue (hence the background, which is an attempt to recreate the iconic color)
  • Macarons (colorful+girly+delicious=perfect)

I want my blog to be a happy place with lots of these things I love.  I’m thinking for the most part what I’ll be posting is…

  • Travel experiences and other fun times
  • Recipes and food reviews
  • Music, TV, Movie reviews (or just commentary)
  • Beauty product reviews (the number of things I’ve tried in pursuit of good skin is ridiculous)
  • Random thoughts and happy things

A little random, yes. We’ll see how it goes.


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